Thursday, October 12, 2006

Convicted Murderer Danny Rolling Denied Another Appeal

Convicted Murderer Danny Rolling Denied Another Appeal

10/11/2006 By: Siobhan Riley, WCJB Tv20 News

Convicted murderer Danny Rolling's execution date is set for Oct. 25, and he's running out of appeals.

Rolling killed five college students 16 years ago in Gainesville. In his most recent attempt to stop his execution, Rolling filed an appeal that was turned down Monday.

Eighth circuit court judge Stan Morris denied four separate objections. And last week he denied a public records request by Rolling for autopsy reports for prisoners who were executed by lethal injection

Legal experts say Rolling may be trying to prove that lethal injection is not an appropriate manner of execution. Experts also believe Rolling will attempt an appeal in the federal court system.

State Attorney Bill Cervone said the chances of winning another appeal are very difficult to project.
"For any court or state federal to grant Rolling relief on the claims he's made now, they would have to reverse course on previous rulings," Cervone said.

Legal experts say it's impossible to predict when the Florida Supreme Court might take some action. For now, Rolling's date for execution remains Oct. 25.

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