Friday, October 27, 2006

Text of Danny Rolling's confession to Shreveport murders

(AP) — The text of executed killer Danny Rolling's confession to a triple murder in Shreveport, La., in 1989, the year before he killed five college students in Gainesville, Fla.

Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are Rolling's. Most of the text is in cursive, with large, gothic-style capitals at the start of each paragraph and in the word "By" in the third paragraph. Rolling's first signature, the names and all capitalized matter in the second section, and the entire last section are in print rather than cursive writing.

I know that sorrow, that heartfelt bane, that dross th' mortal flame. Stone 'pon stone th' final throw ... etched hither tow — th' captive soul.

• Danny Rolling
In order to fulfill all things that no stone be unturned. Here by I make a formal written statement concerning the murders of Julie, Tom & SEAN GRISSOM in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana ... HAL CARTER, Julie Grissom's former fiancee is 100% INNOCENT — TOTALLY PURE of that crime. I, and I alone am guilty. It was my hand that took those precious lights out of this ole dark world. With all my heart & soul would I could bring them back. Being a native son of Shreveport, I can only offer this confession of deep felt remorse over the loss of such fine — outstanding souls.

Have wept an ocean of tears ... By which mournful doth float 'pon a sea of regret.
_Danny Rolling


Anonymous said...

I don't care how many people were killed or who was killed.
Danny Rolling was still human and executing him, makes the government no better than he was.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd feel differently had it been your daughter, your sister or your mother who had been raped, mutilated and stabbed to death. Maybe then it would dawn on you. For certain situations, such with Danny Rolling, I think a murderer should receive the same, if not worse, treatment he so heartlessly unleashes on his victims.

(Quit being a f*cking hippie.)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Danny Rolling stopped being a person to the government the moment he killed innocent people for no reason. It was at that point that he became a monster.

Timothy said...

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Anonymous said...

He was a normal guy you would never think he was like that if you knew him... I think his girlfriend and kid made him snap, right after she left him the murders happened.