Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rolling's execution

Rolling's execution

It is a disturbing and sad irony that just after we witnessed the Amish's unquestioning compassion following schoolhouse murders, we saw newspaper images of people rejoicing and celebrating a day of revenge after Danny Rolling's execution.

Did we learn nothing from the Amish?

What lessons are we teaching our children?

Perhaps the difference lies in the one murderer taking his own life and the state having the power to put the other to death.

Regardless of how a murderer dies, an execution should surely be a time of reflection and sorrow.

Like the man who killed the Amish girls, Rolling had a mother.

Would the community ever have gone to her door step with comfort and solace?

This is not a time for the tribal celebration of victory.

Rolling, for all his sickness, was one of us.

It should be a somber act to bring about the end of another human being.

Execute him, Yes, and let justice prevail.

But reflect upon the gravity that such a decision brings.



Anonymous said...

May Danny Rolling burn in hell. My sympathy goes to the victims, & their families. Too bad they didn't execute Rolling sooner.

YZ250915 said...

WOW, I see you are not a True Christian, as the bible tell us, "Forgive the sinner" The Amish show who the REAL and TRUE Christians are